Prof Jeff Sampson
(KC genetics consultant)

Notes from the talk on Mate Select

The Mate Select system will be web-based, free of charge & will be launching for Crufts 2011

The system will enable breeders and puppy buyers to find the inbreeding coefficient of any dog or of a planned litter at the touch of a button. Simply type in the registered name of the sire and Dam
and the database will do the rest.

There will be explanations of the importance of COI on the web page

The question of recommended level of COI was put to Mr Sampson , the reply was that matings will only be advisable if the predicted COI is lower than the average for the breed.

DNA test results will be recorded on a Health Database along with results from all BVA schemes ,this will be searchable

Health Data Post Box will be a new initiative ….this has no launch date as yet

The KC will take over and store breed specific test results that are not official KC requirements for the breed.

It is hoped it will be available to receive information on inherited disease from pet owners, permission will need to be given to contact the treating veterinary surgeon